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Monster Hunter/Witcher Crossover Event On Console Now

Players of Monster Hunter: World can now track and hunt the New World’s creatures as Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series.  This event was made possible by a collaboration between each game’s respective publishers, Capcom, and CD Projekt Red.

This limited-time crossover event is being delivered in two parts.  The first part of the crossover is available now to Monster Hunter: World players who are at least Hunter Rank 16. A quest known as Trouble in the Ancient Forest tasks Geralt to hunt and kill Leshen using the witcher’s silver sword and spells known as signs.

Completing that quest will earn players the following:

  • Witcher-themed special items,
  • crafting resources for Geralt’s armor and weapon set,
  • a unique nekker skin and weapon for your Palico,
  • new gestures,
  • titles,
  • pose,
  • and guild card background

On Feb. 15, a second Witcher-themed event goes live for Monster Hunter: World players who have reached Hunter Rank 50. The Woodland Spirit multiplayer event will send Geralt and friends after a more powerful beast, the Ancient Leshen. That limited-time event will be playable through March 1.

Completing the Woodland Spirit contract will reward players with resources needed to craft Ciri’s armor and weapon set.

MHW’s Witcher 3 content is available today for console players. The PC playerbase is expected to get access to the MHW crossover at a later date.


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