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Fortuna Now Available On Switch

Nintendo players rejoice!  The Fortuna update for Warframe is now available on Switch.  Nin-Tenno can now explore the cold terraformed landscape of the Orb Vallis in all of its open-world glory.  Upon opening the star chart and selecting the open world node on Venus, you’ll be properly introduced to a new group of open-world inhabitants via the Vox Solaris quest.  Once that’s completed, you’ll be able to take on additional bounties to acquire various rewards including the coveted Garuda warframe.

Some additional content the Fortuna update offers include the following:

  • MOA Companions – Modified MOA units that fight for you during missions.
  • K-Drives – Futuristic hoverboards for easy travel across open-worlds.
  • New Mods – Warframe’s vast modular augmentation collection just got bigger!
  • Conservation – Explore Venus’s cold surface to save endangered creatures.
  • Mining – Gems and ore for crafting new items.
  • Kitguns – Customized secondaries for taking the fight to enemies in style.

Additional details about the Fortuna update on Switch can be found on Warframe’s forums.



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