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Operation Buried Debts Available On All Platforms

Earlier this month, Digital Extremes launched its first community gameplay event of 2019 called Operation: Buried Debts on PC.  After a couple weeks and a few hotfixes, Buried Debts is now available on all platforms.

In Operation: Buried Debts the Tenno will be tasked with helping the Vox Solaris deal with Thermia Fractures that are erupting across the surface of Venus.  These fractures are a result of Nef Anyo’s relentless efforts of harvesting the planet’s resources.

As you progress through the Operation: Buried Debts event “you’ll earn unique items throughout the Operation like an Emblem and Sigil, Amalgam Mods, and the Opticor Vandal, but you’ll need to take down a tremendous foe to unlock your final reward.”

Operation: Buried Debts also introduces the new Warframe, Hildryn.  An offensive juggernaut who can use an immense amount of shields to power her abilities.  Check out her gameplay trailer below.


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