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Economic Changes In Effect For Cetus Marketplace

With Warframe’s remastered Plains of Eidolon recently released to PC, some significant gameplay changes came with its update.  A number of these modifications include economic adjustments to buyable content from Cetus’s marketplace.  I immediately noticed how some items that were originally offered as blueprints for crafting in your Foundry, like Fisher Hai-Luk’s various baits, were now available to purchase outright from her store.  Other items remain as blueprints but underwent ingredient changes to ease the “grind” required to craft them.  Various Tenno outfit selections from Quill Onkko are examples of the latter change.

Digital Extremes took an opportunity to make the economies of Cetus and Fortuna significantly more balanced when it comes to acquiring resources to craft or utilize special gear.  These changes should contribute to Warframe’s continuous improvement as fans prepare to enter 2019’s Tennocon season.  For in-depth details about cost and crafting changes to Cetus marketplace items, click here.


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