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New Shenmue Images Shown At Reboot Conference

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Yu Suzuki attended the 2019 Reboot Develop Blue conference to share the latest trailer for Shenmue III and provide some updates about the game’s production.  During an interview he took an opportunity to clarify his intentions with the Shenmue series prior to the production of the first two games.  Suzuki then proceeded to discuss the third game’s development and accompanied much of the information with in-game images.  The following images reveal some gameplay elements players can expect to experience from the finished product.

Ryo walking along a vendor’s aisle in “Chobu”.

Ryo between Prize Exchange Area and Pawn Shop.

Visual breakdown of Prize Exchange cycle.

Visual display of Ryo’s Prize Exchange inventory.

Ryo interacting with Pawn Shop owner.

Ryo operating a forklift.  This will be a job he can do to earn money.

The images displayed above are just a sample of what Suzuki presented during his interview at this year’s Reboot Develop Blue conference.  Click the video below to watch the full presentation.


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