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Upcoming Review: Shadow (2019)

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After an absence that seemed like an eternity, critically-acclaimed director, Zhang Yimou, returns with a new martial arts film that has fans of his previous Wuxia work frothing at the mouth.  From 2002 to 2006, Zhang delivered a trio of visually stunning motion pictures that featured captivating martial arts sequences finely weaved within an engaging plot.

Roughly 13 years after Curse of the Golden Flower (2006), Zhang introduces us to the world of Shadow.  A re-imagining of China’s Three Kingdom’s period where the people of a city known as Jing suffer from an invasion by a rival nation.  Various characters within the story play key roles in a game of deception and intrigue that will determine fate and rulership of Jing.

Shadow (2019) is expected to be released in U.S. theaters as early as May 3.  Check out the trailer to the movie below.


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