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Lit Lunch Hour Event Coming

On Tuesday, April 30, Action Fiend will run its inaugural Lit Lunch Hour broadcast.  The Lit Lunch Hour is a live stream program primarily dedicated to fight action games.  Action Fiend’s live stream channel was originally intended to provide a unique blend of frantic fighting and loot grinding action.  Recently, the latter has largely dominated AF’s live streams, thus, the Lit Lunch Hour is meant to serve as a concentrated effort to balance the scales.

Dragon Ball FighterZ and Tekken 7 will be the primary games to kick off the Lit Lunch Hour series.  Other fighting titles such as Dead Or Alive 6 and Street Fighter V are also scheduled to be featured.  The Lit Lunch Hour program won’t be exclusively limited to traditional 1v1 fighters as recent and classic beat ’em ups are also being considered for the mid-day stream series as well.

Last but certainly not least, Apex Legends and atypical LLH games will make an occasional appearance to keep mid-day viewers on their toes.  Constructive viewer feedback is encouraged and will be greatly appreciated.  Be sure to tune in this coming Tuesday to catch Action Fiend’s premiere episode of its new stream series.

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