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Mercury Steam Posts Spacelords Identity Update

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As the Spacelords Identity update draws closer to its announced release (May 8), Mercury Steam has been trickling bits of information about its upcoming content pack on its social media channels.  Here’s a limited list of the details divulged thus far.

Ammo & Resource Drops

Until the Identity update you had to literally beat bullets out of your enemies in order to keep your magazines full.  Now, defeated enemies will drop ammo and Aleph for you to pick up or leave to your teammates.  I personally found the former method to be fun but I understand the appeal of converting to a traditional mean of ammo acquisition.  Win-win as far as I can see.

New In-Game Mission Information System

The new Spacelords Identity update will introduce an improved in-game mission information system. The current mission-objective text box will be replaced with a new panel with better and clearer information about the mission and the match!

Antagonist’s Respawn Rework

The Spacelords Identity update will provide a wider selection of tactical options for Antagonists when it comes to respawning.  Respawn points will be replaced by respawn zones, and Antagonists can even chose the orientation they want to respawn with.

New In-Game Currency

The Spacelords Identity update will introduce a new type of in-game currency known as Status Coins. You can earn these coins by leveling up and completing the Adventure mode top tier challenges.

New Cosmetic Items

What’s a content update without new stylish skins to gear up with?  New cosmetic items will be a sizeable chunk of the new Spacelords Identity update!  Here’s a first look at the incredible Lady Hasselti skin for Ayana.

New Melee Weapons

Last but certainly not least, the Spacelords Identity update will introduce melee weapons.  Players will be able to equip their favorite Raiders with a cosmetic melee weapon to dispatch enemies with style.


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