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Last-minute Pre-launch Identity Update [Spacelords]

The Spacelords Identity update launches globally on May 8th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Mercury Steam has been busy providing some last-minute details about its upcoming expansion across its social media channels.

Space Shop

Raiders and Antagonists from all over will soon be able to experience the grand opening of the Space Shop.  It’ll feature new cosmetic upgrades for playable characters and various combat tools ranging from automatic space rifles to hard-hitting melee weapons.  Mercury Steam even released a pair of trailers to show off a sample of goodies that will arrive with the Identity update.

Here’s the first trailer showing off some chique new skins and gameplay footage of Raiders dancing at a disco that players can purchase using the new Status Coins currency.


The next trailer (released May 7) formally introduces the upcoming Space Shop and what players can expect to do once it’s available.



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