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Monster Hunter/Witcher Cross-over Arrives On PC

Photo credit: Capcom via its Monster Hunter Twitter page

From AFM’s coverage of the MHW cross-over event in February:

“MHW’s Witcher 3 content is available today for console players. The PC player-base is expected to get access to the MHW crossover at a later date.”

Welp, that day has finally arrived.  Capcom announced via Twitter that the “Monster Hunter: World x Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” cross-over has been delivered to its PC community.  If you’ve been playing Monster Hunter: World via Steam, you can now embark on monster hunts as Geralt of Rivia.

The Monster Hunter: World x Witcher 3 cross-over was originally delivered in two parts on console.  The first segment being a quest known as ‘Trouble In The Ancient Forest’ for players who were at least Hunter Rank 16 or higher.  The second part came as a multiplayer event called ‘The Woodland Spirit’ for hunters ranked 50 or higher.  Capcom did not clarify whether these game events will be staggered out for PC as it was for console.

Here are some of the rewards PC players can look forward to by completing the ‘Trouble In The Ancient Forest’ quest:

  • Witcher-themed special items,
  • crafting resources for Geralt’s armor and weapon set,
  • a unique nekker skin and weapon for your Palico,
  • new gestures,
  • titles,
  • pose,
  • and guild card background

Completing ‘The Woodland Spirit’ multiplayer event will grant you resources to craft Ciri’s armor and weapon set.

Capcom also released some patch notes for the PC port of Monster Hunter: World via its Steam news page.  Check out the list of fixes and changes for yourself here.


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