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Wolf Of Saturn Six Alerts Active [Warframe]

Digital Extremes announced via that a pair of Tactical Alerts are available for Tenno to complete and replay from today until May 13, 2pm EST.

The alerts offer Tenno a chance to fight the Wolf as he is guaranteed to appear (likely with his Saturn Six refugees in tow).  The following missions offer a limited opportunity for players to take down the Wolf and claim his rewards before Episode 2 of Nightwave begins:

The Wolf Hunt: Tactical Alert #1 (Level 20-30)
One-time reward: 10 Nitain Extract
Guaranteed Wolf spawn

The Wolf Hunt: Tactical Alert #2 (Level 50-75)
One-time reward: Rifle Riven Mod
Guaranteed Wolf spawn

Tenno must be at least Nightwave Rank 5 to participate in these Tactical Alerts.


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