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Jovian Concord Coming to PC Next Week [Warframe]

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Earlier this week, Digital Extremes announced that its long-awaited 25th update, The Jovian Concord, is expected to launch on PC next week.  Warframe’s upcoming expansion is expected to offer a sizeable chunk of new content to new and veteran Tenno that includes a Corpus Gas City tileset re-work for the planet Jupiter, a new warframe named Wisp, a new endless mission type known as ‘Disruption’, a new Sentient boss battle, new weapons, new mods, and some user interface enhancements.

The source of this article states that console players will receive the Jovian Concord update ‘Soon’™.  Digital Extremes has significantly improved its wait-time between PC and console releases over the last few major updates.  I wouldn’t be surprised if PS4/Xbone players get their hands on the Jovian Concord update as early as mid-June.  For a full breakdown of Jovian Concord content details, check out the link to’s article above.

UPDATE 5-22-2019: Jovian Concord Update trailer


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